3 tips to improve your YouTube ranking

I had coffee the other day with personal trainer and Kettle-bell guru Ryan Shanahan. He runs a popular YouTube channel. We talked about his recent invitation to a YouTube boot camp. Here are his top three take-aways:  

“Keep it short.”

That’s because YouTube tweaks search ranking based on time-watched. That means if you post a ten minute video that is only watched for five minutes, and another company shares a 3-three minute video but people watch almost all of it, the video with the higher percentage will receive a better rank from YouTube’s algorithms.  

You can tell a great story in a short video. Check out this video from Expedia and see for yourself. 

“Titles are everything.”

An irresistible, well-thought title gets your video views. You can try taking a look some copywriting headline formulas to see what tends to work.

“Focus on Description.”

The description in a youtube video is more important than having keywords for SEO and is what Google uses to index the content of your video. Be sure to use keywords in the description and include a transcript. Also  consider adding subtitles and closed-captions - Google like those as well.