The 4 Fundamentals Of Storytelling

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I recently had the privilege of attending a storytelling seminar hosted by StillMotion - true masters of the craft. They have developed a storytelling method they call Muse. For founder Patrick Moreau, stories speak to the heart in order to move the mind. And there are 4 Pillars upon which all good stories are based: People, Plot, Purpose, Place. 


We relate to what is similar to us, what resembles us. What’s more similar to us than other people? When you focus your story on a particular person - the heart of the story - you make an emotional connection with your audience. 


The plot of a story poses a question that the viewer wishes to have answered. Plot is about creating a journey for the heart of the story. And because the audience has made a connection with the them, they want to see what happens at the end of that journey.


The purpose of the story is your opportunity to say something about an issue or to leave the viewer with a message. It might be inspirational, or a call to action.


Video should be used to show, not tell. The pillar of place is composed of 4 elements: environment, object, time, and situation. Use these elements to show the uniqueness, complexity, and desire of the heart of your story.

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